Integrity Governance

Corporate governance

In order to implement decisions or plans, the Company has specially established a Sustainability Development Committee and set up three promotion teams: Sustainable Environment, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance, and appointed supervisors or senior executives with relevant business experience to be responsible and guide for the formulation, publication, and continuous effective management of the policies and objectives of these regulations. The subordinate implementation departments (referring to various departments, sections, subdivisions, or group committees within the Company) are responsible for the implementation, recording, and maintenance of these regulations and related policies and objectives. Their supervisors are responsible for supervision and review. The committee has a chairman who coordinates the operation of the committee. The chairman is served by the chairman of the board or appoints an appropriate candidate from the committee. The term of office is the same as that of the board of directors. The appointment and tenure of other committee members vary with the change of the Company's organizational duties.

Risk management

The Company has established a Sustainability Development Committee to pay attention to the requirements of climate change and government policies and regulations, and to respond and prepare early.

For the greenhouse gas effect caused by climate change, we implement carbon inventory based on ISO 14064-1 to timely grasp the Company's carbon emission status.

Regulatory Compliance

Chemical tank leakage affecting outside the plant, failure of prevention equipment, odor and odor spreading to outside the plant from equipment components or wastewater treatment plants, fire or explosion, and occupational disasters (death or disability) are all major violations. The Company did not have any related major fines in 2022.
Quality Control

Product Self-Requirements

The Company requires that products must comply with relevant national and industry standards, and have undergone strict quality control and testing to ensure  stable and reliable product performance that can meet customer needs and expectations.In order to maintain human health and safety, during the feasibility assessment stage of research and development, raw materials are screened according to the EWR1001 restricted substance management operation standard. Food soft packaging adhesive products are regularly tested by a third party every year. Other products are tested by third parties according to customer requirements. At the same time, good process management is introduced, using advanced automation equipment and high-efficiency energy management models to improve production efficiency and establish a solid manufacturing foundation. Under the standard operating procedures of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and CNS 15506 (TOSHMS) quality certification systems, products are deeply trusted and recognized by customers. In addition, product labeling is based on the SDS output by the research institute. During the reporting period, there were no incidents of violations of health and safety regulations or information labeling for products and services.

Customer Privacy

According to the Company's ISO 9001 QPD4001 document and record control operation procedures, for data provided by customers or suppliers (including personal data of customers or suppliers), each relevant operating unit classifies and manages the data according to each customer or supplier's requirements. Unless required for operations, the data cannot be distributed without the consent of the customer or supplier, to show respect and protection for the customer or supplier. During the reporting period, the Company did not receive any complaints about infringement of customer privacy or loss of customer data.

Sustainable Supply Chain

In order to effectively implement procurement operations, based on the concept of stable long-term supply cooperation and co-existence and co prosperity, and to ensure that suppliers provide good quality supplies and avoid unnecessary disputes and conflicts. The Company has established "Supplier Management Operation Procedures", which apply to suppliers of raw materials to the Company and other peripheral cooperative manufacturers that make raw materials ready for production. Quality, delivery time, coordination and service are used as evaluation items. Suppliers with a total score of 80 or above are defined as Grade A; those with a total score between 60 and 79 are defined as Grade B; those with a total score below 60 are defined as Grade C. Grade A and B suppliers are qualified manufacturers and are registered as qualified suppliers by the procurement department. Grade C suppliers are unqualified manufacturers, and suppliers are required to provide corrective and preventive measures and undergo re-evaluation. If the re-evaluation fails, they should be removed from the list of qualified suppliers and procurement should be stopped. From 2020 to 2022, due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, no supplier audits were conducted.
Environmentally Friendly

Material Management

When manufacturing products or services, the Company does not use recycled materials, nor does it recycle products and their packaging materials. In order to implement a circular economy for materials, we will reduce material waste and actively explore the use of recycled materials to achieve the goal of environmental sustainability. At the same time, we are constantly working to improve the design of product packaging materials, and actively promote methods for recycling products and their packaging materials, hoping to work together with consumers to maintain the ecological balance of the earth.

Energy and Emission Management

In recent years, energy management has become one of the important issues for sustainable development of enterprises. For enterprises, energy management can not only reduce operating costs, but also reduce the impact on the environment and enhance corporate image and sense of social responsibility. In modern business operations, energy management has become an indispensable strategy. The Company effectively manages and controls its energy use to ensure the sustainability of the production process. It is expected to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, thereby achieving the Company's green development.

Energy Saving Achievements

The Company has always attached great importance to energy saving issues and has continuously taken measures to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. From 2015 to 2022, the average annual electricity saving rate was 1.93%.

Water Resource Management

According to the water risk assessment tool of the World Resources Institute, it shows that the Company is located in a low-to-medium water risk area. The Company mainly uses groundwater as its main water source and tap water as a backup water source. Tap water is only used when the groundwater supply equipment malfunctions. Since the factory's water consumption is relatively large, using tap water will affect the water use of downstream residents. Therefore, the Company prioritizes the use of groundwater. If tap water must be used, the Company will reduce water consumption or use it at night to reduce the impact on residents' water use.
Pleasant workplace

Talent Cultivation

In 2022, the Company had 152 employees, all of whom were full-time and permanent. The Company did not hire temporary, part-time, or zero-hour contract employees, and did not sign collective agreements with employees. In addition, to strengthen harmonious relations with the local area and ensure maximum job stability for employees, all 5 senior executives at the level of deputy general manager and above are 100% local residents of Taiwan.

Health Care and Concern

Croslene was founded in 1978, and its main business is the manufacture and sale of chemical materials (such as synthetic rubber latex, PU rigid insulation materials, PU adhesives for food and industrial packaging composite films, and reinforced plastic composite materials). It has always adhered to the business philosophy of "first-class quality and first-class service" and strives to create a better future for humanity.

Social Contribution and Participation

Our Hukou factory is located on a hillside platform and faces the risk of rainwater mixing with wastewater during heavy rains, which may cause the dilemma of overflow at the downstream wastewater treatment plant. In addition, the high-concentration process exhaust gas from the Hukou factory cannot be smoothly introduced into the RTO treatment. Currently, the Industrial Technology Research Institute is being commissioned to conduct a project study, but it still takes time to solve related problems.
Sustainability Strategy


News Center

Beach Cleanup
Social Responsibility

Beach Cleanup

In the 2023 National Ocean Day activities, Croslene Chemical took on the role of an environmental pioneer, leading passionate colleagues to participate in the grand event. This significant beach cleanup activity has become a banner of the company's social responsibility.

2022 Sustainability Report/SGS Assurance Statement
Social Responsibility

2022 Sustainability Report/SGS Assurance Statement

Croslene Chemical's 2022 Sustainability Report has been meticulously prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, a widely recognized framework for sustainability reporting. The company's commitment to transparency and accountability is further demonstrated by obtaining SGS Assurance Statement on August 7, 2023, and subsequently publishing the report on its official website on August 25.

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